Simple Egg and Veggie Breakfast

My simple egg and veggie breakfast can be made to feed one person or many.  I am going to give the directions to make two medium sized portions.


3 extra large eggs
1 small onion chopped
1/2 zuccini chopped
1 small green pepper chopped
Two slices of cheese. Whatever you have.
Garlic to taste
Salt to taste
Olive oil

Heat some olive oil in a pan on medium heat.  Add your veggies, garlic, and salt and cook until tender.  Add your eggs and scramble them up with your veggies.  Once they’re mostly done add your cheese and cook until melted.  Scoop onto two plates, season with salt if needed, and enjoy.

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Misunderstood T. rex

is a blog we are putting together as our family of ten grows. The blog is called Misunderstood T. rex because, like the infamous dinosaur, our large family is often misunderstood, profiled, and categorized simply because of our collective number of teeth.
This is a blog to help me remember our favorite recipes, and to help our future sons and daughters-in-law find out more about their spouses, what meals they like, and other things we'll throw into the mix.
There will also likely be drawings of T. rex's here and there because I draw T. rex's, being that we're practially related and all. Also, I'm not exactly sure what the plural for Tyrannosaurus Rex should be.
This introduction is much longer than I had planned.